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Residential Security

With the rising number of residential hooliganisms, larceny, infuriating burglaries and in some cases kidnappings there’s an arising worry for household safety.

These experiences can be agonizing and bestow a sense of being genuinely defenseless at the location you ought to feel secure in.

One Staff Solution empathizes the demand for prudence and privacy for you and your household, thus every residential security program comprises customized to accommodate the client’s lifestyle and requirements by providing comprehensive security without being intrusive and intervening in your personal life.

Our Residential Security personnel comprise exclusively of competent Close Protection Officers who are entirely skilled in private security work.

The vantage of employing encompassing protection personnel is that they could be utilized to oversee any additional security necessities to you, or your family. Our officers are personable, discrete and extremely professional persons committing your safety foremost and assuring that your demands are met completely.

Our residential security personnel will impart to your peace of mind whether you’re at home or absent.